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Awevant Garde Ent


Awe Inspiring Experiential Entertainment...
Themed to the Extreme!


Do your clients expect you to pull event magic out of a hat?



We got you...

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Create a truly magical experience by transforming your entire audience into ROCKSTARS!

We have a plethora of music magic up our sleeves to get your audience singing their hearts out from, Rock It Choir to live band karaoke to sing-along concerts! 

Julie helps people learn how to sing by taming those critical “Voices” in their head so that they can RELAX into the power of their Natural FREE Singing Voice!

Probably the biggest assassin of singers is that ruthless voice of self-sabotage in their heads! This is why when you learn how to silence that voice - singing is actually FUN and MUCH easier! 

Don't Start Believin'... The Voices in Your Head! SING ANYWAY! 

[Parody to "Don't Stop Believin' by Journey"

Private Voice & Performance Coaching 

For the bold daring Exec or CEO who wants to surprise and astonish everyone by ROCKIN' THE STAGE!


(Wouldn't it be a shame if the lead singer of the band, in a freak twist of fate lost his or her voice and they had to randomly call up a singer from the audience?)


FACT: Singing increases magical powers... especially in a choir! 


Your audience will feel like SUPERSTARS learning a fun pop song in 3-part harmony and filming a music video at the end! (And Yes! The lyrics are up on the screen!)


Rock It Choir was founded in 2018 with a partnership with KUTX 98.9 and The Cactus Cafe where a group of strangers grabbed a beer and learned a song... and 50% of profits were donated to Austin music nonprofits. Post covid we only do corporate and private events. (Rock choirs are becoming a world-wide phenomenon.)

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Event Wonderment & Musical Shenanigans

We join forces with your creative team to weave in Event Music Alchemy to express your theme with our start-from-scratch approach to entertainment that brews up just the right vibe and entertaining juju! 

Event Music Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy that transforms old hat humdrum entertainment into a solid gold hit for your clients!


We have NO reverence for cookie cutter entertainment!


Enchant and astonish your clients with our eccentric collective of songstresses, parody writers and sensational "fauxlebrity appearances dressed up to make your event theme SPARKLE n SHINE! 

["Dress Me Up For Your Theme" performed by Vita Galore
Parody to Madonna's "Dress You Up"]

Bring your event theme to life with a whimsical, comical or even insightful parody.

Are you in need of very persuasive fundraising?
We have our ways...

[Hey Big Spender performed by Vita Galore]


Rumor has it that Jewels has a reputation as a Speak Easy Forbidden Lounge Singer sought out by highly distinctive clients who live dangerously and aren't afraid of little mystery?

[Jewels Sizzle Reel]

Is your team goin' off the rails looking for fresh, unexpected 
entertainment that will ROCK your clients world? 




For the past 16 years, Julie Blake has served as a Transformational Mind Mastery and Voice Coach helping clients all over the world silence their “Inner critic” to overcome their fears, find their voice, build confidence, and live fearlessly.

She is very privileged to work with world-class coaches including Steve Hardison, Steve Chandler, and many Spiritual Masters. She's a graduate of Steve Chandler's Avanced Coaching School, Byron Katie's 9 Day School, Insight Seminars I & II, and Landmark Forum. She has invested over six figures in her personal and professional development.

In 1998, Julie started singing karaoke on a dare which led to attending Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing 10-Day Master Class in LA, where all 350 singers got to spend the day at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (Seth's client). She has also studied with James R. Wigginton owner of Vocal Edge in Nashville, TN, and completed Cari Cole's Advanced Vocal Mastery Class. Click play below to listen to Julie sing "SHINE".

2022-03-09 13.38_edited.png
SHINE written by James R. Wigginton.MP3Julie Blake
00:00 / 03:54

Julie is the Founder of Rock It Choir, which partnered with KUTX98.9 and the Cactus Café in Austin, Texas to present “Choir at the Cactus” - where a group of strangers gather to grab a beer and learn a song in 3-part harmony and then perform it! And 50% of proceeds went to Austin Music Non-Profits.

"Learning how to sing is 90% tricking the brain!"

~James R. Wigginton

Influencial Voice In Business
Healing Voice Trauma

Cell: 512-688-7428 

Meet Julie
Rock It Choir
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