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Professional Speakers, Podcasters, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Sales Pros, and Executives.

Speaking in front of people is NOT the greatest fear... singing is!

Overcoming the fear of singing in front of people is a fun and innovative way to:

  • Increase your vocal power

  • Speak with confidence and influence on stage

  • Connect with your audience

  • Improve vocal dynamics

  • Increase the projection, resonance, and tonality of your voice

  • Feel comfortable on camera/video

  • Increase impact on podcasts

  • Transform stage fright into stage presence

  • Reduce vocal strain and increase stamina

"38% of your ability to motivate, influence and inspire others

is in the sound and tonality of your voice."
-Tony Robbins


Hands down, this will be your favorite business “write off!” Ready to ROCK your speaking voice? Contact Julie

Purple Smoke

Jolie Dawn
Creator of Prosperity Queendom Inc 


"It's my life, it's now or never I ain't gonna live forever!
I just want to live while I'm alive"
~Bon Jovi

Julie Blake can teach anyone how to sing...
who's willing to be a beginner and put in the effort.

Julie is a singer who wasn’t “born with it” and discovered that anyone can learn to sing (including her) by taming the critical voices in their head + the right vocal method applied directly to learning songs.

What if the belief that "You're either born with singing talent or you're not" is just a singing conspiracy?



Are you someone who can't sing, but secretly wishes you could? There could be hope for you!

It takes a lot of courage for an adult to take voice lessons because most teachers start by judging your voice.

Julie starts by showing you how to relax into the power of your voice through playful “voice experiments” and helps you choose a song that shows off your voice.


Reach out and share your singing dreams with Julie to see what might be possible for you.

Purple Smoke

"It has been so powerful to begin to claim the power of my voice, literally, through taking voice lessons. It has expanded my expression and creativity, as well as cleared emotional holding patterns. She has even gotten me to sing on stage (f*cking scary and totally exhilarating I now understand all the performers in my life on a new level), which was a powerful up-leveling experience. I am so grateful to have found voice teacher who is a big enough container to hold the multi-dimensional facets of this journey for me. She has been able to work with me on voice technique, as well as bring amazing energetic and spiritual support to the process. Thanks Julie Blake!" 

                                                                      ~Sydney Culver 



If you can conquer karaoke... you can conquer anything! 

Learn how to make songs "your own" to express your unique style and take the house down! Learn Julie's signature process for learning songs and build up your song catalog with 8 weeks of private one-on-one voice lessons with Julie via Zoom or in person in Austin, TX. Ends up ROCKIN’ the karaoke stage in Austin, TX.

  • Learn how to select songs in the right key for your voice

  • Build up your "Go To Karaoke Song List"

  • Learn songs the FUN way by applying Julie’s Jedi Voice Tricks directly to the song

  • NO endless boring vocal technique needed

  • Vocal arranging to add “ear candy” and "money notes"

  • Learn how to create “unforgettable moments” and work the crowd

  • How to build vocal stamina

  • Vocal health tips to prevent blowing your voice out

  • Transform stage fright into stage presence

  • Performance coaching and mic technique

  • Star in your own music video professionally filmed while you ROCK the karaoke stage! 


Singing karaoke is the ultimate cure for FDD "Fun Deficit Disorder!" If you're ready to take your singing to the next level, the adventure starts here


Julie has an uncanny and incredibly pleasurable ability to show you your own magic!

She unlocks things with a laugh and she puts you at such ease that your gifts, naturally flow. From a skill and teaching perspective she's incredibly gifted as well. Just sign up. You'll be glad you did. 

~Barton Scott
Founder of



How long has singing with a band been on your Bucket List?

Here's your chance to... CHECK IT OFF YOUR BUCKET LIST!

ROCKIN' the stage with a LIVE BAND is a life changing experience!

Kicks off with 10-weeks of private voice lessons to master your song with Julie via Zoom or in person in Austin, TX, and ends up rehearsal with a live band and the grand finale of singing on stage with a live band in Austin!

One-on-one Voice Magic Coaching includes:

  • Select a song and key in the sweet spot for your voice

  • Learn a song the fun way by applying “Jedi Voice Tricks” directly to the song to sound great

  • NO endless boring vocal technique!

  • Add “ear candy” or even a “money note” to express your style

  • Transform stage fright into stage presence

  • Performance coaching and mic technique

What's Included:

  • 6 x 90-minute fun transformational voice lessons & performance coaching as listed above

  • VIP ROCKSTAR Day 1 in Austin, TX 

    • 1-hour vocal warm-up and rehearsal prep

    • 2-hour rehearsal with a live band with live music performance coaching! 

    • Practice karaoke performance

  • VIP ROCKSTAR Day 2 in Austin, TX

    • 2-hour vocal warm-up and performance prep

    • Dinner 

    • Perform with Live Band Karaoke!!!

    • Professional video of you singing with the band at live band karaoke

  • ROCKSTAR Voice Kit full of vocal care treasures and a secret surprise that magically improves singing! 

What's required of up-and-coming ROCKSTARS

  • Give yourself permission to SING!

  • Be willing to start as a beginner 

  • Sing 15 minutes a day

  • NO seriousness allowed! 

  • Allow singing to be easy & fun so you can RELAX into the power of your voice! 

Overcoming the fear of singing in front of people develops and inner confidence and courage that transforms your whole life.



Liberation Child.jpg

Your voice is a direct expression of your Soul, yet so many of us have shut our voices down out of fear of being seen and heard.

How much more joy and aliveness would you experience if it was safe for your True Voice to be joyfully expressed? 

Voice trauma can come from childhood experiences, someone telling you not to sing, well-meaning vocal coaches, abusive relationships, past life or other multidimensional experiences, etc. 

Healing voice trauma requires a safe non-judgmental space to explore the voice slowly through play, with gentleness allowing you the dignity of your process. 

It takes a lot of courage for an adult to take a voice lesson, the least effective way to teach singing is by judging the voice with scales and complicated vocal technique. Julie meets each client where they are and teaches singing without vocal technique exercises (except when working with professional singers).

Julie has over 30 years' experience working with many Spiritual masters and modalities that she uses to facilitate deep healing. If you are truly ready liberate your true voice, reach out to Julie. 




For the past 15 years, Julie Blake has served as a Transformational Mind Mastery and Voice Coach helping clients all over the world silence their “Inner critic” to overcome their fears, find their voice, build confidence, and live fearlessly.

She is very privileged to work with world-class coaches including Steve Hardison, Steve Chandler, and many Spiritual Masters. She's a graduate of Steve Chandler's Avanced Coaching School, Byron Katie's 9 Day School, Insight Seminars I & II, and Landmark Forum. She has invested over six figures in her personal and professional development.

In 1998, Julie started singing karaoke on a dare which led to attending Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing 10-Day Master Class in LA, where all 350 singers got to spend the day at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (Seth's client). She has also studied with James R. Wigginton owner of Vocal Edge in Nashville, TN, and completed Cari Cole's Advanced Vocal Mastery Class. Click play below to listen to Julie sing "SHINE".

2022-03-09 13.38_edited.png
SHINE written by James R. Wigginton.MP3Julie Blake
00:00 / 03:54

Julie is the Founder of Rock It Choir, which partnered with KUTX98.9 and the Cactus Café in Austin, Texas to present “Choir at the Cactus” - where a group of strangers gather to grab a beer and learn a song in 3-part harmony and then perform it! And 50% of proceeds went to Austin Music Non-Profits.

"Learning how to sing is 90% tricking the brain!"

~James R. Wigginton

"When people tell me they want to find their voice, I tell them it's usually not a lost voice problem... it's a too many voices in the head problem! When client's tame the voices in their head, learning how to sing is fun and easy. This is why 8 voice lessons with me is like a year of voice lessons with other coaches."

~Julie Blake

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