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How long has singing with a band been on your Bucket List?

Here's your chance to... CHECK IT OFF YOUR BUCKET LIST!

ROCKIN' the stage with a LIVE BAND is a life changing experience!

Kicks off with 6-weeks of private voice lessons to master your song with Julie via Zoom or in person in Austin, TX, and ends up rehearsal with a live band and the grand finale of singing on stage with a live band in Austin!

One-on-one Voice Magic Coaching includes:

  • Select a song and key in the sweet spot for your voice

  • Learn a song the fun way by applying “Jedi Voice Tricks” directly to the song to sound great

  • NO endless boring vocal technique!

  • Add “ear candy” or even a “money note” to express your style

  • Transform stage fright into stage presence

  • Performance coaching and mic technique

What's Included:

  • 6 x 90-minute fun transformational voice lessons & performance coaching as listed above

  • VIP ROCKSTAR Day 1 in Austin, TX 

    • 1-hour vocal warm-up and rehearsal prep

    • 2-hour rehearsal with a live band with live music performance coaching! 

    • Practice karaoke performance

  • VIP ROCKSTAR Day 2 in Austin, TX

    • 2-hour vocal warm-up and performance prep

    • Dinner 

    • Perform with Live Band Karaoke!!!

    • Professional video of you singing with the band at live band karaoke

  • ROCKSTAR Voice Kit full of vocal care treasures and a secret surprise that magically improves singing! 

What's required of up-and-coming ROCKSTARS

  • Give yourself permission to SING!

  • Be willing to start as a beginner 

  • Sing 15 minutes a day

  • NO seriousness allowed! 

  • Allow singing to be easy & fun so you can RELAX into the power of your voice! 

Overcoming the fear of singing in front of people develops and inner confidence and courage that transforms your whole life.

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