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You’re Invited to the…

For recreational singing purposes only!
By Julie Blake


Mon. Oct. 24th 4:30-6:30pm CT

The Relaxed Singer is only singing program that helps you tame those critical “Voices” in your head so that you can RELAX into the power of your Natural FREE Singing Voice!

Everyone is born with a natural free singing voice and is capable truthful and passionate expression. So why are there so many people who have shut their voices down and believe that they can’t or shouldn’t sing?

Far too many people don't even dare dream of singing because they have bought into singing myths such as "you're either born a singer or you're not" etc. Others may have been silenced by well-meaning voice teachers or choir directors. Many compare their voice to seasoned professionals who have decades of training and experience. 

Probably the biggest assassin of singers is that ruthless voice of self-sabotage in their heads! This is why when you learn how to silence that voice - singing is actually FUN and MUCH easier.

Are you ready to...


Give Fear the Look_edited.jpg

The Relaxed Singer IS created for…

  • People who were NOT born with singing talent!

  • Karaoke, Car & Shower Singers

  • Beginners

  • People who think they can’t sing… yet hope they can learn!

  • Speakers, sales professionals, and coaches who want to improve their speaking voice the FUN way!  

  • The musical “black sheep” of the family

  • Silenced singers who have been shunned and told they can’t or shouldn’t sing!

  • People who just want to learn how to sing for FUN!

This program is NOT for…

  • Serious singers trying to sing perfectly

  • Professional singers

  • Singer’s who were born “with it!”

How long has singing been on your “Bucket List?”

Join us to…

  • Discover your Natural FREE singing voice!

  • Tame those darn critical voices in your head

  • Find out why people hate the sound of their singing voice

  • How to create a harmonious friendship with your voice

  • Learn how to sing a song in the “Sweet Spot” of your voice

This beta event is FREE to attend if you are willing to share your experience, suggestions and brilliant ideas after.

Ready to have some FUN and discover parts of your voice you didn't know existed?

  1. Click below to register

  2. Come fully present located in a place you feel safe to sing

  3. Bring a bottle of water

  4. Bring your beginner mind and adventure

  5. Seriously… NO seriousness or perfection allowed!

What to expect…

“WOW! That was SO MUCH FUN, I can’t believe how much FUN that was!
~Pretty much all of Julie’s clients


Thank you for helping us create the online program and expand to working with groups that will be launched with and their upcoming app.

The Relaxed Singer Program is destined to help people all around the world overcome their fears while increasing their happiness!

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Register above if you would like a reminder email. If not, join us on Zoom and add the event to your calendar...

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