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Everyone can learn to sing. Come amaze yourself!

If you love to sing... even if you think you can't!...

Come learn a song in 3-part harmony!



The audience IS the choir!

FUN group voice lessons included

Cactus Cafe - UT Campus
2247 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78712

Adults can grab a glass of liquid courage!

50% of every ticket sold goes to Austin Music non-profits

featured in...

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We are on a mission to prove that everyone can sing and create epic amounts of money for music non-profits along the way.


Through our partnership with KUTX98.9 we are able to give 50% of ticket sales to Austin music nonprofits.


We are devoted to curing FDD "Fun Deficit Disorder!"  


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Rock It Choir started in August 2017 with the idea to help people have fun, make new friends and bust the myth that singing cannot be learned, because it certainly can! And create a way to also make money for Austin music non-profits. 

Founder, Julie Blake wanted to help people transform their whole life by combining her 13 years experience as a Mind Mastery Coach with teaching voice lessons. Because overcoming the fear of singing (especially in front of people) develops a deep inner confidence and courage that ROCKS all areas of your life! 

August 2018, Julie Blake appears on FOX7 Good Day Austin to announce Rock It Choir.

November 3, 2018

 Rock It Choir "Flash Mob" ROCKS Austin City Hall!

We made our Austin debut rockin' out to "Sing That Funky Music Austin" a parody to "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry. 

We were backed by the Beyond the Grade house band. As we were just starting out, we raised zero dollars for them. However, we believe in their mission of providing free after school music lessons for at-risk students, and they believed in us. Thank you Beyond the Grade Founder, Mark Turk! 

Robert Brady, owner of Texas Pro Sound provided stellar sound! However, we were not able to get usable video due to enthusastic winds and traffic! Lessons learned. We did have lots of FUN! 


Spring 2019, the most ambitious idea yet...
The Queen Tribute Sing-Along Concert! 

Rock-It-Choir-logo black bgCROP.png

March 16, 2019 

To promote the Queen Tribute Sing-Along Concert, the choir performed Queen songs during and Austin Spurs half-time show with Councilman Jimmy Flannigan taking the lead as "Freddy!" 

It was a blast having several thousands fans singing along with us! 

May 8, 2019

Rock It Choir Queen Tribute Sing-Along Concert 

G.W. Carver Museum


Robert Brady, Ower of Texas Pro Sound for providing amazing sound for this event (NO small feat!) and to our band, Scottish Thunder, to Councilman Jimmy Flannigan's office for helping pay for the venue, to Quiesean Wilson for being our "Freddy" while directing the audience and hitting the insanely high notes! And to all of the choir members who rehearsed for 4 months!

Thanks to everyone who came and sang their hearts out in the audience! It was magical evening! And... We rasied $995 for Beyond the Grade that provides free after school music lessons for at-risk students in Austin! 

In June 2019 the Heaven's opened up, and thanks to Jacquie Fuller, 
a partnership with KUTX98.9 and the Cactus Cafe was forged... 
and Choir at the Cactus was created!

Matt Munoz
Cactus Cafe

2019-05-28 11.55.54.jpg

Jacquie Fuller

Making it possible to give 50% of ticket sales to Austin music non-profits!


Welcome to Choir at the Cactus, a shiney new choir model inspired by the Pub Choir in Australia... just add beer! 

A group of strangers gather at the Cactus Cafe, grab a beer and learn a song in 3-part harmony and peform it, and we film it!

The audience IS the choir. There's NO rehearsals! NO auditions! NO singing experience necessary.

And, the talented Heath Allyn comes board as the Rock It Choir Musical Director...

Heath Wrong thing.jpg


Julie Blake



My Confession...

I never dreamed of being a singer!

I joined the high school choir for ONE reason... to go to Hawaii. Aloha! Seriously, why else would a girl wear a dress like that?
I was good enough to make the high school choir (Mezzo Soprano). But I NEVER even considered singing a solo! 
The Murray High School (Utah) senior class Acapella choir traveled to Hawaii each year to compete in the International Festival of Music! Below is our extraordinary choir director, Mr. Flinders winning his first ever gold medal!

MR Flinders.jpg

“Good intentions, like crying children should be carried out!”

~ Mr. Flinders, Choir Director

My Defining "I Can't Sing" Moment


In my senior year, I attempted to record a song just for fun and I went totally unprepared! So of course, I was amazingly awful!  This is when I decided that I COULD NOT SING. 

Fast forward 12 years... I started singing on a DARE to surprise my friends at my birthday party! And, because I PRACTICED the song, over and over and over again, I sounded great!
And thus, my addiction to singing and karaoke began!
At the finals of a karaoke contest, I met my first vocal coach, who introduced me to Speech Level Singing created by Seth Riggs, Vocal Coach to the Stars. In 1998 I attended Seth's Master Class in Los Angeles, and our entire group got to spend a day at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (because Seth was Michael's vocal coach). 

I wish I had recordings of how BAD my singing was and how much I dramatically improved with learning the right vocal technique and lots of PRACTICE.

Are you ready to SHINE?

Click play to hear Julie sing “SHINE”
 Words & Music by James Wigginton

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